About Us
Amali Organics ® is a black owned, family operated business founded by Keziah and Jordan Augustin in 2017. From day one, our dream was to deliver an organic, all-natural, chemical free hair care line for textured hair.The idea was conceived when Keziah started her natural hair journey and struggled with finding products that worked for her Type 4 hair. Not to mention the difficulties of finding products suitable for our kid’s hair needs as well.Wecreated this hair care line for our hair, our children’s hair, and others who struggle to find natural hair care products that works for them.
What we do
All our products are professionally tested. In addition, we test them on ourselves andfamily members before releasing them to you. This is to ensure that quality products are being sold to you. Our products are formulated to moisturize, promote growth, define natural hair textures, and increase hair elasticity. Our philosophy isto educate our black men, women, and kids the importance of hair heath. We also strive to teach our kids to love their hair regardless of what society thinks.Our hair is our crown! Our Hair is our culture! Our hair is our movement!